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More than just a library management system provider, Civica offers a wide range of value-added solutions.

Your complete community solution

Spydus10 is a fully automated Web-based information management solution for academic, government, public and corporate libraries. It automates the full range of library functions including the necessary back end functions such as cataloguing, acquisitions, circulation and reporting, but also provides a fully unified approach to library technology which is essential for all librarians looking to the future.

Used by thousands of libraries world-wide, Spydus is flexible enough to cater for libraries of all sizes and supports an endless range of materials in libraries including multimedia collections, electronic resources, community information and historical archives.

Introducing Spydus10 – the Next Generation Web-based Library System

In addition to its powerful back end workflows and processes that have long been part of the system, Spydus 10 introduces key features that completely eliminate the need for third party services. Spydus10 is a full Web-based system offers a complete community solution:

  • Fully Web-based
  • Real time personalized discovery
  • Digital asset management capabilities
  • Archival and museum collection management
  • Unified search
  • Seamlessly integrated digital content (Overdrive, Axis360, Zinio plus more)
  • Support for different metadata standards including MARC, ISAD(G) and Dublin Core
  • Responsive design
  • Mobile applications for patrons with self-service functionality
  • Mobile applications for patrons with self-service functionality
  • Dashboard reporting and business analytics
  • Integrated Event Management
  • Community Portal
  • Extensive consortium support that enables sharing and collaboration, but allows organisations to retain individuality

Search, Discover, Explore with Spydus

Spydus is unique in offering discovery layer as part of the core LMS offering. It features an intelligent and intuitive approach that promotes the full depth of the library collection through faceted browsing, word clouds, and individual reader recommendations based on borrower profiles and borrowing patterns.

The Spydus discovery interface is simple and intuitive and transforms the library beyond the physical space into an interactive library community where the sharing and pursuit of reading and learning outcomes can be achieved.

In addition to customised patron services, another unique feature of Spydus is the unified search capability for electronic
resources including e-books and databases.  Bibliographic metadata is harvested and added to the system on an ongoing basis whilst digital asset management functions manage access to these resources based on holdings and loan policies.

Introducing our new iOS & Android App for library patrons

We’re pleased to announce that our latest version of the app is now available for all Spydus9 and Spydus10 customers.

What is new?

  • A completely new user interface.
  • Support for Android devices.

What are the key features of this App?

  • Search for items, and reserve the ones that interest you
  • View your loans, reservations, and payments
  • Update your personal details
  • Manage multiple library memberships
  • Download e-books, e-audio books, and magazines
  • Save lists of favourite items for later
  • “Discover” – reading lists, featured items, recommendations for you
  • Use your camera to scan an ISBN in a bookstore to check if your library has copies
  • Issue your own items within the library by scanning the library barcode – if your library allows

What is customisable?

  • Add your library logo
  • Add your library intro
  • Enable/disable self loans

How do I activate this App for my library customers?

Simply log an SR asking for the App to be activated. A Help Desk team member will then send a commissioning checklist to you to complete. This applies to both new and existing libraries as some features have changed from the previous version.


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For a demonstration of Spydus10 please contact your nearest Civica office.