Our Solutions

More than just a library management system provider, Civica offers a wide range of value-added solutions.

Delivering fun and inspiring library programmes

Civica’s suite of programmes include activity based programmes, competitions, workshops and library events that are exciting, hands-on and  age appropriate. We have a dedicated team of librarians who design and develop programmes which can be easily customised to suit all library needs. The objective of all our programmes is to encourage a love of reading and continued discovery and learning experience.

Programmes for children and youth

Programmes are important to ensure that libraries remain vibrant and relevant to their patrons. Civica provides a range of programme packages, with varied educational objectives that can be implemented easily by library staff.

Our programme packages contain clear instructions, exciting activity ideas, suggested answers, attractive posters, concise PowerPoint slides and all related materials necessary for a programme to be effectively conducted.  Libraries can easily identify their programmes of choice from our comprehensive catalogue.

Media Literacy Programme

The influence of the media should not be underestimated.  Today’s youth spend hours watching television, plus many more devoted to surfing the Internet, playing video games, watching videos and DVDs, listening to the radio, and attending movies.  It is therefore vital that they are media literate to properly understand the messages contained in the media to make informed decisions. Civica’s course teaches students to read between the lines so that they can understand exactly what music videos, movies, and other forms of communication that reach youth are saying to them. It also helps them build communication skills, encourages them to consider multiple interpretations of media messages, and puts portrayals of themselves and others in perspective.

This course employs a variety of classroom techniques, including hands-on interactive sessions and self-reflection which are educational and fun. It is suitable for use in both schools and public libraries.

Information Literacy Programme

In this day and age, various resources are easily accessible to everyone. However, with this abundance of information, how do you sieve the useful from the redundant? Civica offers a programme aimed to equip today’s youth with the skills needed to research and use information in the most efficient way possible. Presented in a series of interactive workshops, Civica’s qualified trainers bring forth the importance and processes of Information Literacy.

Digital Citizenship Programme

As more and more citizens interact digitally – with content, one another, and various communities – the concept
of digital citizenship becomes increasingly important. Digital citizenship can be defined as the norms of appropriate, responsible behaviour with regard to technology use. It is more than just cyberwellness – a holistic approach to how we should think and act when we are online.

Civica’s Digital Citizenship course offers the perfect introduction to online habits and behaviours. It provides students the opportunity to put their learning into practice, and importantly to and have fun at the same time.

For full details, please contact your Civica representative for further information.