Our Solutions

More than just a library management system provider, Civica offers a wide range of value-added solutions.

Collection Services (including LOTE)

As our world moves into a digital age, our learning capabilities, journeys, and our libraries follow suit. Regardless of a physical or digital space, a library will not be one without its collection and resources.

For close to a decade Civica has been providing shelf-ready collection services to satisfied customers.  With experienced collections librarians and a large number of publishing industry contacts, Civica is able to provide a world class service to our customers.

Civica’s collection service encompasses collection development and management to deliver ‘shelf-ready’ library resources in a timely manner. The service is managed by our experienced collection services staff, many of whom are qualified librarians,including LOTE experts (bilingual librarians).  Our library staff select, acquire, catalogue, process and monitor your collection for you. Every client is profiled and provided with the ideal collection of the latest, most relevant and popular titles to suit their specific needs.  Using some sophisticated collection profiling tools we are also able to understand important elements like the age of your collection and areas of deficiency.

All this is done in a timely manner, with great customer service and competitive pricing.

For further information on this service, please contact us.

Our collection services include:

  • Selection & procurement based on your collection profile
  • Cataloguing of materials
  • Shelf-ready end processing
  • Material delivery

Model Collections Module

Civica focuses on delivering quality collections by benchmarking with the ‘Model Collections’ module: