A pioneering digital asset management system.

Blis Content Management

Spydus, Exhibit & VLTrek

Blis can be used in standalone mode, as above, or can integrate as the digital content repository for other Library & Learning products such as Spydus, Exhibit and VLTrek. When integrated this way, Blis stores only basic native metadata – primary cataloguing and retrieval is managed through the host application. For example Spydus can use Blis to store photograph collections, with cataloguing and access handled through Spydus and Blis providing the support for the underlying digital photograph.

Sorcer access

Sorcer provides a Web 2.0 interface additional to the standard online catalogue for products like Spydus and Exhibit. Built for consumers, Sorcer puts the user in control, allowing them to customize their own search interface, and create social networks around common collection interests. Sorcer recommends items based on individual usage patterns and provides both browse and faceted search capabilities.

Sorcer enhances the delivery of digital library services and promotes the library, archive or learning collection in a unique and powerful way. As a collection guide, Sorcer can be used by staff to promote different aspects of the collection and can encourage patrons to venture into new territories.

Sorcer has the additional advantage of providing the uniform access across all content maintained by an organisation whether it be library information (using Spydus and Blis), archive information (using Exhibit and Blis) or in the future, even Blis on its own.