• Spydus Consortia

    For many years now we’ve been offering a flexible consortia model to suit the individual needs of libraries. We’ve had worldwide success in implementing consortia systems in public, academic, special and education libraries of all sizes. Talk to us today for more information on how we can help to transform your service.

  • Introducing Spydus 9 – Next Generation Library System

    In addition to its powerful back end workflows and processes that have long been part of the system, Spydus 9 introduces key features that completely eliminate the need for third party services. Click here to read more

  • Discover, Know, Transform Enabling a lifetime of discovery and learning

    At Civica Library & Learning, we understand the value of knowledge in enabling personal growth and transformation, the joy of discovery, learning and sharing the experience with others.


What we do

Civica offers a range of library consultancy and professional services to enhance your library operations.

We provide you with the technologies and infrastructure and our expertise is publicly acknowledged.

Our Solutions

  • Spydus

    A high performance library management system, built from extensive experience, that is easy to deploy, manage and use.

  • Collection Services

    For close to a decade Civica has been providing shelf-ready collection services to satisfied customers.

    Collection Services
  • Managed Libraries

    What sets Civica apart from other library vendors is our holistic approach to library service management.

    Managed Libraries

About Us

Civica’s vision of a modern library is one that thrives on change. For us, a library is now the community’s central hub; a place where people interact and learn. In this new library, users eargerly share their new-found knowledge in an open environment.

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